Customer Experience and Real Estate

CX And Real Estate


By: Jason Redekopp – Marketing Consultant

Rapid evolution in technology and the digital marketplace has made it so that home shoppers now do most of the preliminary leg work themselves. They can access home listings and pertinent information via an array of websites and social media.

Because technology has made access to information so easy, prospective home buyers now have insanely high standards for the entire buying or selling process. This means that real estate agents must deliver a higher-level customer experience (CX).

In 2020, for agents and brokers to stay relevant, gain a competitive advantage and grow their businesses they must make CX the highest priority.

Here are a few must key strategies:

1. Mobile:
Mobile technology is not only helping Realtors excel. It’s now the mandatory medium for data delivery. Sellers and buyers use mobile devices for all aspects of the home search, and realtors must understand they need to meet clients where they are.

2. Website design:
Having a simple yet engaging and relevant website is key. Your website should show value in using your services, but more importantly your value to the prospective client. The best way to create great CX on your website is to anticipate your clients’ needs in advance.
a. Easy access to listing information.
b. Your commission structure and services.
c. On-demand access to dialogue.
d. Personalized experience based on their specific needs.

3. On-demand Lead Generation:
Utilizing and leveraging Live Chat to be available on demand. Many online shoppers prefer this to making a call. Then there is ‘beacon technology’. This relatively new technology involves placing a tiny device on a property or for-sale sign that emits a radio signal up to 300 feet. Potential buyers with an app tied to the beacon will receive an alert when within range of the property, and that notification links to a listing of the property online. Agents can also use the app to keep tabs on the local competition.

4. Relevant, Engaging & Specialized Content:
Posting listings is a must, of course. However, the majority of your content should be concentrated on providing your audience and potential customers with tips, professional advice, and other relevant resources. Check out agent Michael Flynn’s website. His content is focused solely on his target market with access to a plethora of relevant content to perspective home buyers and sellers. Whatever your potential clients want and need, it is your job to respond.

5. Leverage Digital Media:
All Smartphones today offer amazing video technology. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. Three good options to get professional videos are: Vlogit, Adobe Premier and InShot. Once you have video content, get in front of your potential buyers. Post photos and videos to your website and promote them via social media.

If you make the CX your highest priority, the dollars will follow.